ducted We provide systems to suit every commercial and home application. Brands include: Daikin / Mitsubishi / Carrier / Actron /Samsung / LG / Lennox / Panasonic / and many more..

This can range from:

  • Single split system
  • Multi head split system
  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Ducted systems
  • Chillers

Ducted Air Conditioning


Ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning is the most efficient. Your home / office can be segmented into air-conditioned zones. The indoor unit is mounted in the ceiling or under the floor whilst the outdoor unit is located outside.

Split System Air-conditioners

The indoor unit contains a coil and circulating fan.
The outdoor unit contains the compressor, coil and outdoor fan.

The two parts can be separated by several metres and are joined together by copper refrigerant piping.
Installation causes little if any disruption. Only a few tiny holes are drilled through the wall to enable piping to be inserted.
Units have infrared remote control, 24 hour on-off timer, sleep function and dehumidification cycle.

Room Air-conditioners

They offer the best cost option.

roomIdeal for the home or office. They are either fitted to windows or installed in a specially cut wall opening. They are self-contained within a weather-sealed casing.